A Feast For The Both of Us

15th - 18th April 2021


Creating situations that turn passive onlookers into active participants. Blurring the dividing line, artists Emma Wilson & Eliza Brady bring together a synergy of narratives around food & foxes.


Eliza Brady

Food plays such a dominant, even defining, role in any class system. In light of the pandemic, food has highlighted disparities within society. A dinner can be a scene of civilised harmony, but it can also be a dividing and divisive tool, revealing tensions that poke at hierarchical systems that often mockingly depict inner problems of society. Brady uses sound & visual depictions from pre-existing films to illuminate these disparities. Here food is used as a tool to fuel eroticism & debauchery.


Fully immersed by the overwhelming senses in Brady’s sound art and film essay. The audience may be mesmerized into forgetting the hollow eyes of the pretty pests that tentatively surround them with a quiet apprehension. 


Emma Wilson

Lulled into a false sense of security during this last years ‘new normal’, Wilson weaves a tale in homage to the king of our streets while suggesting an eerie sense of familiarity in a new narrative through text and imagery. The predator on our long leash, whom we keep with an uncomfortable lazy eye. The fox has enjoyed a short-lived solace of perceived freedom and power. But as the balance tilts back to the humans, here’s one last hurrah for these observed creatures to watch right back.


These two works interfere with each other, then broken up by the audience intervening. Building layers through the space of excess and yearning, prey and predator, the food chain. 

Thursday - Saturday 12pm - 6pm

Sunday 12pm - 8pm

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