Between A Rock And A Hard Place

by Virginia Waterhouse


19th - 23rd June 2018 

opening Thurs 21st, 6-8pm

A half-remembered or imaginary landscape, a striking shadow, a haunting line of poetry, a poignant musical moment; all these have inspired Virginia Waterhouse’s work.  Her partly abstracted images are enigmatic, challenging the viewer to ask questions. She plays with scale to create a sense of space and distance in which bridges, rocks, buildings, whole landscapes seem suspended in time, waiting.

In Between a Rock and a Hard Place  she reflects on the power and timelessness of rocks and mountains. She was particularly inspired by a visit to the extraordinary Brimham Rocks in the Yorkshire Dales and by the stark intensity of Ansell Adams’ black and white photography.

Her work is always instinctive and exploratory, embracing chance and experimentation along the way. Sometimes a painting starts with just a colour and a feeling, sometimes the image comes first. Flat applications of solid colour vie with energetic impasto or drips and splashes. She works primarily in oil, ink and charcoal.

Virginia graduated from the Sir John Cass School of Art, London Metropolitan University in 2012. She is based in the ASC Studios on Streatham Hill.

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