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13th–14th, 18th–21st May 2023*

Please join us in celebrating two years of Jane and the team at Cave! 


A weekend full of festivities with music, games, drinks, food and prizes to be had:

Pop-up authentic Moroccan cuisine by master chef semi-finalist Newal Lakhdar 1–3pm

All day Europop classics Cave Fave: Sing along with Jane 4–5pm


Cave radio waves with radio Free Pimlico


Exhibition of photographs from 1960's of the Caxton Mod Club (known as Caxton Youth Organisation these days). Prints available to buy!


Fabulous raffle prizes including: Cave life drawing class, host your own radio show, Cave pottery class, cabinet rental, one week of gallery space, art commission, up-cycled commission

Come on down and raise a glass!

*we have extended it for another week! Opening hours: Thur–Sat 12–6pm, Sun 12–5pm

Cave Fest poster edited.png
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