Found objects and donations are the life source of cave and we are

always available for local collections of unwanted objects.

Space is limited so please do not just show up with your

items without showing an image and speaking to us first

>We are a part of Reconnect network, London’s first independent

volunteer scheme providing free services to the homeless

>Some useful links


Hire a suitcase!

Hire a frame!

Hire a cabinet!

Hire a plinth!

Paintings, sculptures, prints, handmade items, collectibles:

whatever you've got, there's

a space for it at cave.

>check out  some of our crafty artists


Discuss with Karen

Rotational opportunities available.



Not all items are suitable for cave, but that doesn't mean you can't sell through cave!

We have introduced our Honest Exchange Wall... a community notice board, we can advertise your items for sale

with images. Provide us with a photo, price, description and contact details.


For the Honest Exchange Wall, we take no commission and charge no fees.

This allows us to support the local community. We welcome good will donations,or a cheeky thank you pint instead.


Browse some of our Honest Exchange Wall offerings or add your own to this Facebook group:


creative PARTIES

cave can host your party or event, from children's

birthday parties to hen parties. Contact cave for details.

CAVEMAN to rent

Local handyman/technician available for odd jobs.

Come in and speak to Nigel.

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All our spaces are available to hire from one hour to one week visit us or send an email:

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