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All our spaces are available to hire from one hour to one week visit us or send an email:

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Breaking Bread Event


Come one, Come all,


Every Thursday 6pm - 9pm


Drop in to Break Bread over Homemade Soup.


Alessio, our beloved Italian baker's, freshest bread from Sumeria Bakehouse: sourdough, olive and rosemary ciabatta, pistachio loaves and baguette.


Pay as you can, from £3 donation, to support cave community, eat simply and together, arrive hungry and leave full.






Medicine & Drugs


Come by, get high on coffee, heal with chai. Take the time to piece yourself back together with fresh ginger, fresh bread, fresh spices, fresh air.

>click here to see menu

11am - 6pm

insta: @medicine_drugs_cafe



The London Tea Garden


New menu at cave features food inspired by the home cooking of the Indian diaspora in the UK. 

Open for warming one-pot lunches all day dining

between 10am and 7pm.

Our opening times can occasionally change for private events. To avoid disappointment, message @londonteagarden in insta to book ahead.

>22-23 February 2020:

Pop-up Icelandic Restaurant


>21-22 September 2019: 

Yoga + All day Brunch Pop-up


>24-25 August 2019:

Mexican Taqueria Pop-up