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Digital Organic Forms 


by Hyoung Kim


28th September–1st October 2023


“In this exhibition, I present digital sculptures that express the organic form of the ocean using 3D modelling. 


The organic forms of the sculptures are created through a process called 'self-organisation' in which units are repeatedly combined to form themselves with a certain pattern. 


The characteristic of the self-organisation process is that each unique unit repeats multiplication or segmentation through interaction while maintaining a certain order (pattern), and is eventually reborn. In other words, become a new 'self'. The self-organisation of the units is created through a complex calculation process using several modelling programs. 


My digital sculptures were created through digital modelling methods and modelling construction using various 3D modelling programs. However, rather than creating sculptures that emphasise the mechanical order and instrumental function of digital, I wanted to create new sculptures in an organic form by combining various sculpture elements using digital tools. 

Thank you. Enjoy!”

Thursday–Saturday 12pm–6pm

Sunday 12pm–5pm

HYOUNG KIM Circle+Ocean.png
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