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Fri 21st September 2018



Constructed in two separate spaces of cave the work starts a conversation around consumption.




The contexts of both areas reflect different types of consumption – how we consume art in a traditional gallery setting and how we consume literally by eating and drinking in a social/domestic setting. The issues around exhibiting art in domestic settings arise from the meeting of public and private spaces. In a time where cultural tourists consume art in the context of the gallery, domestic spaces can be overlooked. Difficulties arise when this space becomes public and brings with it all the issues of visitor numbers, how the work is interpreted and how they move through the space.


The body can be seen as a transitional object, a vehicle. One often becomes desensitized by our internal selves, not being conscious of the functions our body's play out. The work makes us aware of our bodily integrity – in the performance the act of consuming reflects the relationship women have with their bodies.