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MacDuff Home

MacDuff home is a collection of small leather goods and Christmas decorations. The design ethos is to produce simple but elegant products, made from items that are thrown away every day.

All items are made from a combination of found, reclaimed, donated or salvaged. The leather comes from discarded leather sofas that are found on the streets of Pimlico and up cycled into small leather goods from glasses case, Oyster and mobile phone cases

The Christmas decorations are made from found doweling and broom handles, reclaimed paint, garden twine and paper bags. The ribbon comes from bag handles!...




“What’s in a Frame”

An On-going project by cave artists.

Exploring ways to re-use stuff from the unwanted and the everyday.

All Handmade from up-cycling found imagery and materials!...




Karen Turner

(cave's own Karen)

A homage to Louise Bougeous: my drawings are a small part of an ongoing body of work  revolving around the theme of attachments. Emotional, physical and material attachments.


Inspired by the writings and work of Louise Bougeous, this series of 45 drawings was created with the attitude of "what will be, will be".


Using stich as a drawing tool to create the images and only allowing myself the exact amount of paper to start meant that any "mistakes" that occurred became part of the work. The irregularities in the stitch made the outcome more interesting.


Using this method helped me overcome my overwhelming obsession with erasing...




Maggie Learmonth

Maggie Learmonth’s paintings  prompt questions about our relationship with our environment.  Her atmospheric, often moody, colours make reference to the canon of romantic landscape painting, with fleeting hints of Turner or Friedrich.  They  derive from the observation of real places and real people but are more ‘mindscape’ than depictions of place. Her practice also encompasses intermittent text pieces which, whilst playful in nature, may have a more serious underlying aspect




“Made By B”

Becky Found is the sole creator of made by b stationery. She designs, and makes, all the products herself from a small studio at her home in Greenwich, South East London.



Constantine Elijah


Constantine Elijah is a post-minimalist filmmaker, documentary photographer and visual artist. In his works, he is holding a conversation with simplicity. It is a quiet observation of daily life in its smallest details, processed through the personal experience of reality.