​An exhibition of small, tiny, little, mini, baby, poky, wee, dinky artworks to fit in your pocket, rabbit hole, modest home.


(Every Little Helps)


It’s a small world after all, and London is more over-crowded and expensive than it has ever been. Everyone has had to downsize and compromise, living in smaller houses, further out of London. Everyone has to work hard. It seems as if there is very little money or space for Art.


Despite this difficult climate, artists all over London are busy working; painting, drawing, thinking, printing. They have big ideas, but where can they make their big ideas? And where can they show them? 


In the film Downsizing, because of a crisis in over-population and of global warming, it is suggested that in order to save the world’s resources everyone should be shrunk so that they are only 12 cm tall. In a similar way, because of the cost of putting on an exhibition, in order to show their work together the artists in this show have been given the challenge of shrinking their work so that it fits into a small space. Big ideas have been transformed into tiny works of art and we invite you come and see this collection of pint-sized, pocket paintings, drawings and prints, born out of necessity but no less profound or beautiful for it. 


Downsizing will be open on the 21st - 27th May 2018

Please join us for a little drink at our late night opening on Friday the 25th May 6pm-8 pm 


Exhibiting artists include

Nancy Haslam-Chance, Tom Scotcher, Jude Hagan, Alice Macdonald, Alexander Gilmour, Emily Hill, Jackson Rees, Laurie Crean, Jack Fawdry-Tatham, Somaya Critchlow, Isaac Nugent, Mark Connoly, Ben Westley- Clarke, Joana Galego, Jessica Jane Charleston, Ranald Macdonald, Joshua Bristow and Bobbye Fermie.

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