by Fredrix Vermin


22nd - 25th April 2021

The impact of homogenised global industry, increasing wealth gaps, corporate owned freedom, oppression as a norm and the misrepresentation of fact in media seem all too familiar to us in this parallel world created by the artist. Small moments of joy can be found as well as major acts of rebellion, showing an appreciation of protest and riot as a legitimate means for change. The work also demonstrates the immediate mundanity that can appear in these extreme scenarios; you still have to go to the shops, even if you are an internationally renowned political activist.


Visitors will be confronted with advertising and ephemera placed in and around Cave and a series of models in the gallery that represent frozen moments in time. The show contains interactive elements to expand the narrative so it is important to bring along headphones and a fully charged mobile device to get the full experience that this world has to offer.

Thus, Fri, Sat 12pm - 6pm

Sun 12pm - 4pm


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