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CLAY AND GLAZE workshops.

Thursdays and Saturdays of January 2024


Bring in the new year by joining us for a hands-on pottery experience! For all ages and abilities, this event is perfect for unleashing your creativity with friends, trying your hands at ceramics, or just as a way to unwind and relax this winter!

Learn the art of hand-building pottery using clay and glaze. Let us guide you through the process, teaching you techniques to create unique and personalized pieces. Get your hands dirty, shape the clay, and let your imagination run wild. From pinch pots to coil pots, you'll explore various methods to bring your pottery visions to life. Once your pieces are ready, we invite you to attend one of our drop in sessions, where you will be able to choose from a wide array of colours and textures to colour your handiwork with. Your work will then be fired and ready to use! 

Don't miss this opportunity to discover the joy of working with clay. Sign up now!


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Please note:

  • The clay sessions are 2 hours long, please arrive 5 minutes before the session begins. 

  • Our price includes one clay and one glaze session and all materials will be provided. Please purchase a clay session date and choose which glaze session you wish to attend at the end of your clay session.

  • We recommend that you leave a minimum of 1 week between your clay and glaze session to allow your work to be bone dry before glazing.

  • Each attendee will be given 350g of clay, enough to make the equivalent of 3 small bowls or one large vase. Extra clay can be purchased at the session at £5 per 100g

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