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by Irene, Yuxin, Jessie, and Wei


22nd–23rd March 2024 12pm–6pm

Opening event: 22nd March 6pm–8pm


This new exhibition unites four Chelsea Fine Art students - Irene, Yuxin, Jessie, and Wei. These four young artists are exploring the theme ‘Identity’ via different perspectives and ways.


Irene is exploring memory loss, childhood, relationships, human greed, and nature. She uses mixed media to paint and do the installations.


Yuxin mainly focuses on intimate relationships, genders, and a desire. She combines anime cosplay with fine arts and experiments with cosplay as a medium to produce her works.


Jessie’s is about self-discovery, including trauma, wound healing, nature, and pain. She makes a human-size sculpture and also produces an acrylic painting.


Wei explores urban vegetation, economic development, and cultural significance to humans through his artworks.

Oneness poster. Chelsea Fine Art Student Show by Yuxin, Jessie, Irene, Wei. Free Admission. 22 March 12–8pm. 23 March 12–6pm. PV 22 March 6–8pm.
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