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Pop-Up Icelandic Restaurant

Eat like an Icelandic Viking!

Saturday 22nd February 12:30pm - 8:30pm

Sunday 23rd February 12:30pm - 8:30pm

Pop-up restaurant in Pimlico to celebrate the Nordic midwinter festival of Þorrablót, celebrating Iceland's Viking heritage. The festival gets it's name from Þorri (pronounced Thorri), the God of Thunder in the old Nordic religion and is celebrated from late January to late February with traditional food and general merriment!


Hosted by an Icelandic mother and daughter team, we'll be serving a few Icelandic classics such as hangikjöt (smoked lamb), humarsúpa (lobster soup), and Vilko waffles with rhubarb jam. 


For the brave of heart, a taster plate of fermented shark and sour ram's testicle washed down with a shot of Brennivín schnapps!

Sourced directly and sustainably from the pure waters and steep volcanic mountainsides of Iceland.


There's a bar serving beers, wine, fizz and cocktails and V/Ve options will be available. Cards accepted and walk-in's welcome but please do sign up here to make sure you reserve a spot on Saturday or Sunday!

The venue is open-air with space heaters and limited seating, and in true Icelandic spirit, we'll be open come rain or shine!

Sjáumst þar // See you there!

Free entry

There’s been big demand for tickets for this one so sign up quick on the >Eventbrite to not miss out