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Pressing Plates presents an exhibition of print-making.

25th–28th April 2024, PV 25th April 6.30pm–8pm.

David McGrath

Manchester-born artist David McGrath graduated with a First from the Art Academy London, in 2018. There was a place where all three artists met. 

David's linocuts exploit the appeal of fluorescent inks overlaid with black to achieve a neon-like glow. Because of his interest in languages and writing, David likes to offset images with text and place antique Natural History images and scripts from the 18th/19th century against a modern illuminated medium.


Maria Storey

Maria graduated from the London College of Printing with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, specialising in printmaking.

Having worked as a graphic designer in fashion and retail for 25 years, she has recently resumed her passion for printmaking from her studio in South London. Maria specialises in linocuts and draws inspiration from her love of nature and of the wildlife that inhabits urban London and the English countryside.

The daughter to a Polish émigré fine artist, her creative development has grown within the context of Poland's rich and unique heritage in folk art.


Elizabeth Hall

Handcrafted lino prints. Nature-inspired creations.

“Many of us draw creative inspiration from the wonders of the natural world. Delving deeper to examine nature through our individual artistic lenses and interpretations is something I would be excited to explore further.”


In her most recent project, 'Beneath', the artist has been exploring how a modern society of rapid progress and future ambitions loses appreciation for the natural wonders that surround us. With ‘Beneath’, Elizabeth wants to illuminate the ocean environment - “a realm of marvels we have barely begun to grasp”.

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