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Putting the drama into Diorama

by NineBob Beach

3rd–6th November 2022


Ninebob Beach is a London-based artist living in his family Hotel in Victoria. Where he looks after the hotel guests and is a full-time career to his elderly mother who has dementia.

Ninebob identifies as a local headcase, piss artist, has been around the block at least 7 times, brought the T-shirt and lost it and customised it, and is in a constant gay state of play with a glue gun. He comes from the school of “shit Brilliant”.


The Work:

Everything is made from the lost and found, hand-me-downs, dregs of drag, toys, charity shop finds, my dad’s old model Railway, and Airfix. precisely confused and infused with a glue gun.


The work is an outlet. It is Art Therapy for Ninebob, it is a mental health necessity and a need for constant play and role play.

The process is where the ball starts and flows and finishes when mumma's bell rings.

Thu–Sat 12pm–6pm

Sunday 12pm–5pm


For further enquires insta: @nine_bob_rob
> event pictures

> video presentation

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