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by Nine Bob

The Lockdown Galleria of Diarrhoea


Halloween Special


28th - 31st October 2021

The Radiated Ball is brought to you by a local head-case potter in a constant state of play with a glue gun, Nine Bob. 

Everything is made from lost and found upside-down hand-me-downs, precisely confused and infused with DIY tricks and a glue gun.


More out of mental health necessity and need for a constant play in the process is where the voices stop and flow begins.

Dystopian inspiration always from the Drag/Ball community creatives, nut jobs, freaks One-off unique, friends, the universe. Always black inspired, everything comes and came from Africa.


All Radiated Ball contestants are for sale. There will be a silent auction - the highest bidder will win. Hundred per cent of proceeds go to the >Refugee Community Kitchen

Thu-Sat 12pm - 6pm

Sun 1pm - 5pm

Radiated by Nine Bob poster
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