Exhibition By: Sado.The.Strange
28th - 30th August 2020
12pm - 8pm

I’m self taught artist from London. My work is kinda religious because I was raised Catholic - there are many influential figures (from the bible) that I’ve painted and deconstructed to fit my perspective and experience. I paint bodies that sort of hold a spiritual purpose and that kind of exposes a certain power that is restricted and a stillness that is always moving…

I’m not always  entirely sure what I paint or how to describe it because I think I’m just a vessel for the “universe”. I guess I’m just trying to express her look or her experience which is in conjunction with mine. I work with multi media and currently working on materials which are cheaper. I’m sado.the.strange.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

during the same time 12pm - 8pm.

Free entry.

>Check out our food pop-up event happening on Saturday and Sunday in our cavewagon (separate ticket)

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