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Art is a universal language, not a privilege of the rich. Art makes us rich and improves our lives and fortunes. Let’s keep it real now. You know that's the truth.


If you are interested in attending our three taster sessions this month at cave, it would be lovely to have you aboard.  

Three taster workshops at cave with Sahara Poette/Poette Yoga:

Wednesday 13th, 20th, 27th July (6pm-8pm)

£15 per session  

For more details you can contact Sahara 

by phone: 07595377332 or via email:

insta: @sahara.poette


7th - 10th July 2022

Meditation 2 Art was inspired by Sahara Poette’s love of meditation and art. The idea came into existence while creating a project with a local organisation. Since then, Sahara has researched and developed the concept of intertwining meditation and art to create a series of successful workshops Selfies to Portrait.  Inviting everyone, from practising artists, to those who have never picked up a paintbrush.

Thu-Sat 11am-6pm 

Sun 12pm-5pm

opening: Friday 8th 6pm-8pm

closing: Sunday 10th 3pm-5pm



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