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The Eye of Dusza

by Monika Daca and Paul Carden


Opening: Thursday 25th January 5–8pm

Friday, Saturday 12–6pm

The Eye of Dusza is a bringing together of photography and poetry – side by side. When a creative puts their work out there, for their peers to see, it is exposing their soul to the world – hence the name The Eye of Dusza (dusza in polish means soul). Monika is the eye and Paul looks into the soul through her eyes. Underlying themes of the event are You too can do this – make art with a camera, share your thoughts as words and being green – low carbon footprint materials, public transport of event infrastructure. In addition to the physical gallery, there will be a virtual reality facility to extend the space. Various interactive optional activities will also be run, to encourage the photographers and poets, among the event visitors, to express themselves.

the eye of dusza.jpg

Each photo is a celebration of the colourful tapestry that is life. The power and the beauty of photography reside in its capacity to immortalise memories, freeze moments in time, and record emotions. Every click brings me joy, whether it's capturing the spirit of individuals, the majestic beauty of nature, or some fascinating phenomenon. I want to capture the real, unplanned moments that make life remarkable through my lens. My dream? to travel the world taking pictures, one by one, discovering the remarkable in the everyday. Together, let's go on this wacky visual journey!  (Monika Daca)

Doing The Eye of Dusza event is a thrill for Paul - the photograph, Monika's eye, and his imagination as objects, hopefully leading to abstractions, juxta positioned beside her work, that the visitors will enjoy.

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