by Helen Benson


29th April - 2nd May 2021

A selection of screen prints 2015 - 2021.

For this exhibition I have chosen prints of various styles relating to my travels.


Initially I take photographs, which trigger off printing ideas. I respond spontaneously to visual images, which excite me, never mind their content. A chance arrangement of shapes attract me in relation to light, shadow and reflection. Lines crossing each other create an energy found particularly in modern buildings, scaffolding and other structures.


Patterns develop through the printed layers.


Fragments of Venice are all windows from a large print of Venice, influenced by looking out from a vaporetto through glass distortions. 

Shifting Dots is probably influenced by the many hours in my life of looking at music scores.

Ebb and Flow - this reflection, which I saw in a Hampstead Pond, was so vivid and clear.

The Mount Kazbek series are from a trek I made up to the tiny Sameba church in the Caucasus, Georgia. Then looking up at the enormous Mount Kazbek towering above.


During lockdown last year I made large collages from old prints. A very physical experience!

Unable to change the images on my screens I have enjoyed experimenting with overlapping different images with surprising results.


With thanks to Cave and Karen Turner for hosting this exhibition.

Thursday - Saturday 12pm - 6pm

Sunday 12pm - 4pm

Friday 5pm - Josie Benson musical theatre singer


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