1 creative act as the automated utmost self gratification

2 killing time before death: of seamen menkants & dik-diks is a must

3 vestigium




1 by the time you read this: it’s all become obsolete

2 entelechy

3 by the time you read this: I’ve changed my mind



opening event 13 June 2019 6-8pm


14-16 June 2019 12pm - 6pm 

14 June 2019 6pm an informal conversation: age transformers: artists 40+ who are still starting or still haven’t made it but does it matter; age and age discrimination, 2nd chances, 2nd careers and how successful or not they are/can be


15 June 2019 3pm - 5pm workshop: how not to draw with magic interpreted and run by Seana Wilson; tickets on >eventbrite or pop in

>How Not To Draw With Magic

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