Wednesday Is Indigo

by Virginia Waterhouse

10th - 13th December 2020

Virginia Waterhouse continues her exploration of the relationship between colour and feelings. This time the focus is on days of the week. If Wednesday is Indigo what colour is Monday?

Thurs - Fri 12pm - 6pm

Sat 12pm - 5pm

Sun 12pm - 4pm

Cavewagon will be serving drinks and snacks. Cave's donation bar will be open throughout. 

Social distancing will be maintained where possible and hand washing facilities and sanitiser will be provided.
Front and back doors will be opened for the good air ventilation during the opening times. 
Masks need to be worn while in the gallery and shop, but not if sat down eating or drinking at the wagon in the garden area.
Please do not attend in groups larger than six.​

Wednesday is indigo poster2.png