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  Auntie Freeze 4 

8th–11th October 2020

Art fair is back for its fourth year!

Auntie Freeze is a totally non-exclusive, all-inclusive art fair happening in October/November each year. We aim to show the works of emerging artists: professional, part timer, insider, outsider, amateurs and everything in between. 

Auntie-Freeze is interested in the process of making, whatever our reasons, position, practise or medium make us feel.


Art is intuitive and the people that make it (us) are fascinating!





Four day events with a possibility of some spontaneous performance.

Cavewagon will be serving drinks and snacks. Cave's donation bar will be open throughout. 

Social distancing will be maintained where possible and hand washing facilities and sanitiser will be provided.  

Masks need to be worn while in the gallery and shop but not if sat down eating or drinking at the wagon.


Please do not attend in groups larger than six.​

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