Auntie-Freeze is a totally non-exclusive, all- inclusive free art fair happening each year. We aim to show the works of emerging artists.

Auntie-Freeze is all about artists! Professional, part timer, insider, outsider, amateurs and everything in between.

Auntie-Freeze is interested in the process of making, whatever our reasons, position, practise or medium make us feel.


Art is intuitive and the people that make it (us) are fascinating! 


All works in Auntie-Freeze are not being censored, judged or critiqued in the choosing.

The call is open with some size rules and a deadline! All submissions are accepted.


>cavespace is an exciting space that provides opportunities for creatives, young and old, to showcase their talents and in the process add value to the area. As a valuable addition to cave's enterprises it contributes to an enriching creative environment where conversations surrounding contemporary art can prosper, whilst also encouraging individuals to connect with each other through a wide range of artistic disciplines.

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