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artist residency

A summer residency at cave with Joshua Freddie Vaughan comes to an end the weekend of 24th, 25th, 26th August. Join us for drinks on Friday 24th August 5-8pm and #MeettheArtist (hopefully with his guitar😉) in our open studio weekend.
All welcome. X


Joshua Freddie Vaughan is a sculptor, musician and curator. He has a foundation diploma from Central St.Martins Byam Shaw, and graduated in 2014 from City and Guilds of London Art School, with a BA in sculpture. Since then he has created and managed Conversation Piece Curation, Supercollider, and most recently co-founded and manages Exchange Project, a nomad curatorial program. 


Vaughan’s work is an exegesis of his self. It takes the form of writing, sculpting, image production and sound works. Visually, his works are redolent of relics, spiritual curios, adornments. Current work constitutes an exploration of his own personal symbolism, structured as a story, in which the viewer immerse themselves 


He is deeply indebted to psychoanalytical writings, the philosophical musings of Friedrich Nietzsche, the symbolism of comic books such as John Constantine and The Sandman, the literature of Jorges Luis Borges, Richard Morgan, Cormac MacCarthy and Iain M. Banks, the poetic ramblings of Buddy Wakefield, and of course, death-metal.



>Insta: @joshuafreddievaughan

>Insta: @exchange_project


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