I Make Art In My Kitchen

Lawrence Blackman residency

For the month of August I have been in residence at cavespace.


The work I have been making has been thinking about out ongoing relationships with our environment, each other, and ourselves - I have been in particular interested in what it is to be present, and the idea of legacy. 


Many of the ideas follow on from my time in residence in the landfill, staying at BGBJ, the community centre in Bantar Gebang. The work has developed over the course of the month and has turned into a playful bunch of items which have turned out as a surprising gaggle of investigations. 


Altered Lettuce is one of a range of items I have been working with but stands alone as the only one which is organic.


The other items are pieces of discarded rubbish found on the streets. 


The collection of these items follows on from a previous project called Hunter Gatherer aiming to discuss the new human condition - what items would we gather now? What is our new environment?


Altering their colour and presenting them as pieces in the show is firstly a way to give them a second chance at life whilst thinking about what we find beautiful and why, and how things around us in the every day become invisible unless highlighted. 


The lettuce itself, as well as highlighting the organic versus the man made, is a comment about how nature will always resist attempts at preservation, and the ultimate inevitability of decay. 


These pieces are intended as starting points for a wider discussion and presented playfully - the idea of how we interact with our environment is also reinforced with a video piece called How Long Does It Take To Experience a Moment which is a direct follow on to a piece made when I was in residence living in a landfill in Indonesia. 


Exhibition opening night ‘Social Event With Real People’

Thursday 29th August 2019 6pm

With special guest performer ‘Altered Lettuce’

Thurs 6pm-8pm

Fri/Sat 11am - 6pm

Sun 12pm - 4pm

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