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We offer a unique atmosphere to display your work, replacing the dull, sterile décor of standard retail stores with our quirky charm.


Our shop is well stocked with the never ending amount of pre-loved furniture and vintage dinnerware, vinyl and cd records,  fantastic DVD collection and unique selection of books, hand-made accessories from local artists and many (MANY) more. 

Ask us for details.


Not all items are suitable for cave, but that doesn't mean you can't sell through cave!

We have introduced our Honest Exchange Wall... a community notice board, we can advertise your items for sale

with images. Provide us with a photo, price, description and contact details.


For the Honest Exchange Wall we take no commission and charge no fees.

This allows us to support the local community. We welcome good will donations, or a cheeky thank you pint instead.


Browse some of our Honest Exchange Wall offerings or add your own to this Facebook group:

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