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> Hand-building Pottery

   clay and glaze workshop

   every Saturday

> Creative Writing Workshops

   simple and liberating

   one Sunday each month

> Life Drawing Workshop

   A Weekly Massage for Your Soul!

   every Tuesday evening

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Welcome to cave, a niche and quirky place in the heart of Pimlico!


The day to day running of cave comprises of a vintage shop with workshop, pop-up food wagon and gallery space.


cave's objectives are to keep the interest around the space exciting with an ever changing range of things on sale with proposed and spontaneous creative happenings within the space. cave is the space where people want to come to just to see ‘what’s happening there today’.


Connecting with other art spaces, galleries, artists, institutions, we open up an exchange of ideas to realise the potential of the area and the diverse mix of people in it.

At your service we are providing gallery, the art space for independent artists introducing their works to Westminster.

cave is an opportunity to run a workshop , building creative talent exchange.

Our shop offers a unique atmosphere to display your work, replacing the dull, sterile décor of standard retail stores with our quirky charm.

cave's food wagon is nested in the courtyard were you can enjoy a cup of tea with a delicious toasty or a slice of home-made cake. Time by time it is taken over by some amazing cooks, who are serving their delicious delights from tasty toasties to home-made scotch eggs (check our socials to know about pop-up food events).


If you would like to be aware about all cave's updates, do subscribe to our newsletters on contact us page!


We are looking forward to meet you! 

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